Bitcoin...what is it? Is cryptocurrency an investment or a means by which money-laundering and hidden corporate profits and triple entry accounting can become global monetary control?

Olivia Jamieson's dreams have returned.  But the thread of clues for her husband, US Secret Service Agent, Peter Finley points well beyond his investigation of a small Latvian bank... [eBook copy $1.00]


Where do we 'go' when we dream...Found inside the wall cavity of a century old building inherited by cousins Olivia and Phoebe Jamieson were the remains of a man along with four original oil paintings still listed as missing from WWII thefts.

From the moment of that discovery Olivia struggles with her growing attraction to the lead detective, the disruptive presence of an art investigator and confusion over a series of reoccurring dreams that seemed connected to the man and the art. Then just when Olivia begins to make sense of where she 'goes' in her sleep there's a new murder, her cousin and the art expert disappear and her dreams point the confounding investigation in another direction... [eBook copy $1.00]


How far back does scandal in the Catholic Church go? Is it only a few dozen individuals during a few isolated decades or does the corruption span social and political and financial levels for centuries...

CSU History Professesor Hank Rule has retired with plans to remain far from any limelight that the Baldpate case cast his way. However, when he gets another phone call from the sheriff of Estes Park - all of his plans change. What looks like a simple missing persons case soon escalates in the direction of an affair with a Catholic priest, an unexplained death and a ghost organization on the brink of accomplishing an ambitious and terrifying objective... [eBook copy $1.00]