How far back does scandal in the Catholic Church go? Is it only a few dozen individuals during a few isolated decades or does the corruption span social and political and financial levels for a few hundred centuries...

CSU History Professesor Hank Rule has retired with plans to remain far from any limelight that the Baldpate case cast his way. However, when he gets another phone call from the sheriff of Estes Park - all of his plans change. What looks like a simple missing persons case soon escalates in the direction of an affair with a Catholic priest, an unexplained death and a ghost organization on the brink of accomplishing an ambitious and terrifying objective...


American women got the vote in 1920, was that 20th Century struggle motive for a 21st Century murder, or was there more to it?

When the business card of CSU History Professor Hank Rule is found on a murder victim behind historic Baldpate Inn, the new sheriff wanted to know why. Dr. Rule wanted to know too. With a carved skull from coal and a copy of a 1913 fiction classic also found at the crime scene the historical element brings the college professor in as a 'temporary' consultant.Soon however the obscure hints left in the fiction novel point investigators to an unsolved murder, motivated by a vast treacherous element...Chasing clues across the country and a sly killer across Europe, Dr. Rule comes to doubt his chosen field and the accuracy of documented history.